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Daniel 1:12
"Please test your servants for ten days, and let them give us vegetables to eat and water to drink".

A Daniels's Fast is loosely defined as "No meats & no sweets". Eating fruits, vegetables, & grains. Check out this recipe book for some Daniel's Fast related recipes!

Devotional Book

The tools provided in this guide will help you navigate through your personal journey. We pray that you will experience the presence and power of God in an extraordinary way as you commit to the next 21days. Remember there are things that will happen only by prayer and fasting!

Personal Fasting/ Prayer card

Writing down what you’re praying and fasting for is a great way to stay focused when things get hard! There are several ways to fast; each person should choose the fast that is right for them. Use this Fast Commitment Card to tell your HOW and WHY for fasting! Keep it close, and refer back to it over the 21 Day journey as you pray.


Yearly Bible Reading Plan

The Word of God is likened to daily bread; without it we risk being spiritually starved. Reading the Bible every day is a great practice for every Christian. If we want to know Gods heart, we need to stay in His book! This Bible reading plan will take you through the entire Bible in one year. All it takes is a few minutes a day and you can read the whole Bible through in 2023!

The bible in 40 Days

This resource is available as a tool for the 40 day challenge pop up group! During a fast of any kind, and especially an extended fast, it is important to tune out the distractions around us so we can tune into spiritual things. Pastor has challenged the church to take the time normally spent on Netflix and TV, social media, our phones and other forms of entertainment and put it into reading the Bible. This plan will allow you to read through the Bible from cover to cover in 40 Days ! Are you up for the challenge?

The bible in 21 Days

This resource is available as a tool for the 21 day OLD Testament challenge pop up group! This plan similar to the 40 day challenge will allow you to read through the Old Testament of the Bible during the 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting. Turn off the noise of this world for 3 weeks, and join the 21 Day Bible Challenge! Our prayer is less of me, and more of Him!



Join this group to read Jentezen Franklin's best selling Fasting book through the 21 days. This short and easy to read book will ignite a spiritual fire and unlock key understandings about prayer and fasting You'll be invited to meet with Pastor Ryan and others 3 times each week for 15 minutes on Zoom to review, share and discuss what we've read.


Únete a este grupo para leer el exitoso libro sobre el ayuno de Jentezen Franklin durante los 21 días. Este libro corto y fácil de leer encenderá un fuego espiritual y desbloqueará comprensiones clave sobre la oración y el ayuno.

Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire

his pop-up group is not just about reading a book! It's a journey to grow closer to the Holy Spirit and be able to bring that same fire with you to our Promise Church services. "Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire" shares the incredible story of a church and a people who saw the power of prayer as they sought the face of God. It's filled with faith building testimonies that will transform your prayer life. Join us we begin to stir each other up in the things of the Lord and encounter the Power of Prayer.


Join this group to connect with others as we read the Old Testament in 21 days. This is a fun, engaging and challenging way to jump start your devotion to God's Word. You'll be invited to a text thread with all 7 leaders and the other members to review, share and discuss what we've read.


Join this group to meet on Zoom each night at 6PM for devotion and prayer. The devotion will be given by a Promise Church member as well as time for prayer requests and focused prayer led by our prayer team.

Wellness Through Fasting

Are you new to fasting? Are you wondering on new things to do on your fast? Do you have medical limitations on your fast? This group is for you! We want to support you on this journey with nutrition tips, wellness tips and overall be there with you whether this is your first time or 10th time!


We are in this together, and that means we have people all over our church family praying and lifting up the needs of our church and community. We want to pray and fast with you!

Know God. Find Freedom. Discover Purpose. Make a Difference.

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21 Days of Prayer

We are thrilled to have you come along with us on this 21 Day journey at Promise Church! This is the best way to begin your year. These 21 days will set your spiritual compass and bring clarity in every area of our lives! Our hope is that these 21 days will rejuvenate you personally and our church as we pursue God together!

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21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

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